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Aparita Bhandari

Aparita Bhandari is an arts and life reporter in Toronto. She has been published in Canadian media including CBC, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and Walrus magazine. Her areas of interest and expertise lie in the intersections of gender, culture and ethnicity. She is the producer and co-host of the Hindi language podcasts, KhabardaarPodcast.com and Darmiyaan.com. She’s currently working as a producer with Pacific Content.

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Glenda Cooper

Dr. Glenda Cooper is the deputy head of the journalism department and BA programme director at City University of London. She founded and co-produces the News on Stage live journalism events project, and is also co-director of Contemporary Narratives Lab. This year she has been working on a project with community groups, The Ferret andGreater Govanhill magazines called “It’s Criminal,” a show looking at how media reporting of crime affects communities, the first iteration of which was performed at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow in June 2023.

Mitchell Consky

Mitchell Consky is a journalist and author with works published in the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Walrus, BNN Bloomberg and CTVNews.ca. He specializes in long-form feature writing and essays about loss, travel, and adventure. Home Safe: A Memoir of End-of-Life Care During Covid-19 is his first published book. When not working, his ideal escape is drifting on a canoe in Ontario’s Algonquin Park. He lives in Toronto.

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Saman Dara

Saman is a second year Master of Journalism student. She has a background in communications, marketing, and digital editing. Her interest lies in fostering audience engagement and promoting media literacy, underpinned by a strong belief in transparency within the editorial process.

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John Endo Greenway

John Endo Greenaway is a self-described hapa-sansei who lives and works in the Metro Vancouver area. Born to a Japanese Canadian mother and an English/Irish Canadian father, he has spent the last sixty-plus years trying to figure out where he fits in. He will let you know when he does. In the meantime, he toils in the cultural mines as a graphic designer, taiko player/composer and as managing editor of The Bulletin, a journal of Japanese Canadian community, history and culture. He was a co-founder of Katari Taiko, Canada’s first taiko group, in 1979, and Uzume Taiko, Canada’s first professional taiko group, in 1988. In 2017 he co-authored the book Departures: the expulsion of the Japanese Canadians from the west coast 1942–1949, that he began many years ago with his mother, Fumiko Greenaway. The book reflects his current interest in the poetics of memory as it relates to the internment.

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Dylan Freeman-Grist

A Toronto-based freelance journalist and business development professional in the design industry. He is currently Director of Operations with The Living Magazine and a practicing Live Journalist with the team. An experienced publisher and media entrepreneur he is the founder and Managing Editor of The Town, a data-driven publication focused on covering Toronto’s film industry incubated at Toronto Metropolitan University. He is also Director of Business Development at Open Journalism School an emerging, open access resource and community for journalism education supported by Humber College.  

Rosemary sitting on a chair wrapped in a fishing net

Rosemary Georgeson

Rosemary is a Coast Salish and Sahtu Dene storyteller, filmmaker and multimedia artist. Her work ranges from film, theatre, radio to involvement in the culinary arts. Georgeson was the Aboriginal Community Director of Urban Ink Productions 2002-2011, and has worked with the company since its inception in 2001. An important component of Georgeson’s work involves collaborating with other artists and community members.

Headshot of Monique Hindriks looking at the camera.

Monique Hindriks

Monique is editor at De Balie Live Journalism. In her work she is news-oriented, but always with the focus on the fringes of society. Previously she worked as an investigative journalist at AT5 (local Amsterdam broadcast) and produced news editorials for Dutch national radio. Topics she’s interested in vary from abusive power structures in the corporate or sports world to the overheated housing market.

Headshot of Sam Jabri-Pickett looking at the camera.

Sam Jabri-Pickett

Sam is completing his final year of the Master of Journalism program at TMU. He has written for Thomson Reuters and Arabian Business, written a fantasy novel, and worked as a researcher for history departments around the world. As a student, he has been fascinated by the intersection of local government and journalism. His background in post-9/11 Middle East politics has driven his desire to tell stories about the corruption of the Overton window and the importance of reporting on isolated subcultures.

Perry King

Perry King is an author, freelance journalist, and communications strategist currently based in Toronto. With a literary focus on sports, education, history and urbanism, King has bylines with Sportsnet,  the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Spacing Magazine, and BBC among other works. His debut book, Rebound: Sports, Community and the Inclusive City, was published in 2021 by Coach House Books.

Headshot of Robin Kwong smiling at the camera.

Robin Kwong

Robin Kwong is co-founder of Contemporary Narratives Lab, a network of storytellers who have come from different disciplines to explore how innovative approaches to storytelling can break down complex issues, illuminate truths, and hold open spaces for civic discussion. Contemporary Narratives Lab brings journalists, artists and researchers together to co-create new works alongside community members.  Robin is also the author of Project Management in Newsrooms, a guide published by the UK’s chartered Association for Project Management. He is based in New York.

Jacquie Loch

Jacquie is a content strategy and media executive specializing in delivering multi-platform content solutions across social, digital, video, print, SEO, research and e-commerce. With 25+ years of experience, she’s a branded content expert who drives engagement and results, and cultivates C-level relationships. She works closely with SJC’s largest clients to create innovative cross-platform content solutions that deliver on revenue goals. As VP Group Publisher at SJC Media and TC Media she oversaw a portfolio of consumer media brands including FASHION, ELLE Canada, Canadian Living, and Style at Home. She held the roles of VP Content Solutions and VP Client Solutions at Rogers Media. A recognized leader in marketing solutions and media innovation, Jacquie Chairs The Content Council (New York) and is a Board Member for the National Media Awards Foundation (Canada) and a Co-Founder of Global Voices, an international collective of content marketers.

Adrian smiling at the camera

Adrian Ma

Adrian Ma is an award-winning journalist, producer, educator and author. He is an assistant professor of journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University’s The Creative School. He has contributed to numerous media outlets, including the CBC, the Toronto Star, The Walrus and The Conversation.

Headshot of Samia Madwar smiling at the camera.

Samia Madwar

Samia Madwar is a senior editor at The Walrus. She was previously an editor at Up Here magazine, based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and has also worked as new media editor at Canadian Geographic. She has served as a judge for the National Magazine Awards, the Digital Publishing Awards, and the Online Journalism Awards, among others, and has mentored emerging journalists through the National Media Awards Foundation’s BIPOC Mentorship Program. She is currently on the board of directors at Magazines Canada.

Photo of Zanele Mji smiling at the camera.

Zanele Mji

Zanele Mji is a journalist and multimedia storyteller. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, on the BBC and Al Jazeera news. She tells immersive stories that challenge assumptions about African people and their lives. Her podcast, Golden City, is a collection of her favourite stories about Joburg, South Africa.

Photo of François Musseau holding a microphone and speaking on a stage.

François Musseau

François is the founder and chief editor of Diario Vivo. Since 1999, the year of his arrival in Madrid, he has dedicated himself to making reports for the Peninsula or for Latin America for French media such as Libération, Le Point, Geo, XXI, or podcasts for the French radios Rfi or Rts.

Shari Okeke

Assistant Professor Shari Okeke joined TMU’s School of Journalism after more than 20 years at CBC. She is creator of CBC’s Peabody-nominated podcast Mic Drop which featured teens and preteens sharing personal stories in their own words. Her advanced podcasting class at TMU created We Met U When…Season 1 last fall. This semester the class is producing Season 2.

Adora Okeke-Marchand

Adora Okeke-Marchand is part of the leadership team at Danforth Headlines. The student group reports on school news events at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute. Adora was also on the planning committee for the TDSB’s Know Your Worth Black Youth Empowerment Conference 2023.

Headshot of Kaisa Osola smiling at the camera

Kaisa Osola

Kaisa Osola is a public speaking coach who has trained more than 100 journalists of Helsingin Sanomat to give a live speech on the biggest theatre stages in Finland. The concept, HS Musta laatikko ( Black Box), consists of previously unpublished journalistic stories told to a live audience. The work of the Musta laatikko team is described in a handbook based on six years of live journalism productions and a four year study on the power of live journalism.

Photo of Sahaana Ranganathan smiling at the camera.

Sahaana Ranganathan

Sahaana is a second year Master of Journalism student with a background in public affairs, politics and policy. She’s passionate about making politics accessible to everyone.

Headshot of Daniel Robbel smiling at the camera.

Daniel Robbel

Daniel Robbel is a German journalist and author. He works as deputy editor-in-chief for the weekly newspaper BLICK aktuell, based in the Ahr valley in the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, where he predominantly covers politics. Prior to this, he worked as a reporter at a daily newspaper. Daniel is also the author of several non-fiction books, including travel guides and storybooks.

Vanessa Rousselot holding a microphone and speaking on a stage

Vanessa Rousselot

Vanessa Rousselot is co-founder and deputy director of Diario Vivo, the format of Live Journalism in Spain since 2017. She is a filmmaker of award-winning documentaries and creates audiovisual contents for leading European medias. Producer and script editor of independent podcasts, she also runs workshops of storytelling. After studying History in the Sorbonne University in Paris, she filmed at length in different Arabic countries. She started working in Madrid in 2012 as a member of the prestigious artistic residency Casa de Velázquez.

Headshot of Katarina Schul looking at the camera.

Katarina Schul

Katarina is editor at De Balie Live Journalism. She focuses on finding underexposed, marginalized voices of local residents to involve in the investigation. The goal: to create awareness about their untold stories and facilitate a space for politics and citizens to meet. Before joining De Balie Live Journalism, she worked as a journalist for a community-based live journalism project called De Levende Krant (the living newspaper). The show played all summer on several market streets in Amsterdam and was filled with stories from the neighborhood.

Heashot of Zara Toksöz smiling at the camera.

Zara Toksöz

Zara leads the research editorial of DeBalie (Centre for Arts in Amsterdam): Live Journalism. The team of four journalists conducts research into Amsterdam subjects, where theater and journalism come together. The journalists work with local residents to investigate issues that affect Amsterdam and The Netherlands as a whole such as: youth healthcare, undocumented people and the working poor. Their live journalism shows involve a long period of community consultation and town-hall meetings, culminating in a long-form theatrical performance, sometimes featuring local residents.

H. G. Watson

H.G. Watson is a writer based in Toronto. Right now, she teaches at TMU and is a contributing editor at Maclean’s magazine. Her work has appeared in Vice, Chatelaine, Canadian Business, The Local and many more. She’s also currently an MFA student at the University of Southern Maine in the Stonecoast creative writing program.

Danielle Arets

Danielle Arets is heading the Journalism and Innovation research lab at Fontys University of Applied Sciences/ faculty of Journalism in Tilburg. The research group — consisting of journalism researchers, designers and tech specialists — focuses on journalistic transformation processes, including AI and data-driven journalism, innovative forms of audience-focused work and developing new forms of journalistic storytelling. A key area of research is also shaping journalism in public spaces, with experiments taking place around live journalism.

Jordana Cox

Jordana is an assistant professor in the Department Communication Arts at the University of Waterloo. A scholar of performance history, journalism and public communication, and the public humanities, she recently published a book called Staged News: The Federal Theatre Project’s Living Newspapersin New York (University of Massachusetts, 2023). She has also worked as a dramaturg, and coordinated the Living Newspapers Festival for The Left Front: Radical Art in the Red Decade at Northwestern University’s Block Museum, in collaboration with Jackalope Theatre.

Riikka Haikarainen

Riikka is a journalist, communications professional, and the initiator of the award-winning live journalism show Black Box in Helsinki, Finland. Black Box hosted the first international conference on live journalism in 2022 in Helsinki, and is part of Helsingin Sanomat, a leading newspaper in Finland. Riikka has over ten years of experience as a staff writer, producer and science editor at Helsingin Sanomat. Currently, she works as the Senior Communications Manager at Aalto University, Finland.

Christoph Herms

Bio coming soon!

Sean Holman

Sean is the Director of the Climate Disaster Project, an international teaching newsroom that works with climate disaster survivors to share and investigate their stories based out of the University of Victoria, British Columbia. He partnered with stitched! for their JRN 319 course, to connect the journalists and their story sharers with the students of the class in order to create a live journalism piece about their stories.

Christine Liehr

With degrees in business administration and journalism as well as a penchant for the stage, Christine is a co-founder of Headliner, the first non-profit organization in Germany combining journalism and the performing arts in inspiring live theater shows. She shares the management of the organization with Jochen Markett.

Jochen Markett

Jochen is a co-founder of Headliner and the brainchild behind the Reporter Slams. This entertaining stage competition started in Berlin in 2016, and the show is now touring throughout Germany and abroad. The slams will remain an important pillar in Headliner’s portfolio. The newly established non-profit organization seeks to expand its show repertoire over the coming years including non-competitive, live journalistic theater performances.

Jakob Moll

Jakob is a founding partner and former CEO of Danish media company Zetland, a leading innovator of digital journalism in Europe, and a 2022 Nieman Fellow. Zetland is a daily publication, funded and powered by its 40,000 members. It has also been at the forefront of the live journalism-movement the past decade, filling major venues in Denmark (including multiple shows at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen).

Thijs van den Houdt

Thijs van den Houdt is a teacher and researcher at Fontys School for Journalism in Tilburg. He supervised a pilot, in which a team of students experimented with live journalism as a means for public interaction and engagement. Thijs’ main point of research is how to incorporate this narrative format into journalistic education. To that end, he wants to explore many different interpretations of live journalism, to see which one is both successful in outcome and provides a good learning environment for journalists. When at home in Utrecht (NL), his exploratory endeavours continue in the form of cooking.